How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

You are already dealing with difficult financial issues.

Naturally, the cost of bankruptcy, both in filing fees and in the loss of assets, is of concern to you.

How much does bankruptcy cost? Fees will depend on what type of bankruptcy you file. Typically, there is minimal or no loss to your assets through bankruptcy as many exemptions apply that protect your assets from liquidation.

At the Law Offices of Thomas P. Kelly III, we can help you save your assets through bankruptcy and still rid yourself of debt in a responsible and reasonable manner. In some cases, debts may be discharged entirely. In others, they may be reorganized into manageable payment plans that leave you debt free within three to five years.

We work with our clients one-on-one through every stage of the bankruptcy process to address their concerns and make sure they are provided the most pertinent information for their decisions. To reach an experienced lawyer who can walk you through the bankruptcy process with confidence, contact our firm online or by telephone at 707-545-8700. Debt relief solutions are just a phone call away.

Bankruptcy Filing Fees In Santa Rosa, California, And Surrounding Areas

Filing bankruptcy will involve paying fees to the attorney who represents you and to the bankruptcy court system for its filing process. Different Chapters of Bankruptcy involve different filing fees and attorney fees, as some bankruptcies are far more complicated than others.

The court charges $310.00 for filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy and $335.00 for filing Chapter 7, and you will also be required to complete two online credit counseling course, but the cost of all of this is included in the fees you pay to my firm. Beyond this, the attorneys fees charged to complete the case will vary depending upon the complexity of your situation.

Court fees are typically due when you file your petition, but some exceptions may apply. You may request to pay the fee in installments or have certain fees waived according to your financial circumstances.

To request payment in installments, you must file an application with the Court. Here you will have to outline your inability to pay the fee in whole and outline a schedule for payments.

To request that your fees be waived, you must file an application with the Court. This application should only be used if you cannot pay in installments and your income is below the poverty line. You will likely have to appear in court if you need to have the fees waived.

Bankruptcy filing fees vary according to the type of bankruptcy you file. Make sure to work with an experienced lawyer who can help you understand the various options for your case.

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