What Possessions Can I Keep In Bankruptcy?

The loss of personal belongings is perhaps the greatest concern of individuals thinking about bankruptcy. The creditors who contact them often threaten to repossess cars, foreclose on homes or garnish wages.

All of these actions can be halted automatically by the automatic stay immediately when you file bankruptcy.

There is also another aspect of filing for bankruptcy in Calfornia which are called. California has two sets bankruptcy exemptions under C.C.P. 703 and C.C.P. 704, and you are free to use either depending on your circumstances.

These create a wide variety of property which you will keep and is exempt from creditors or the bankruptcy trustee trying to force you sell or surrender. For example, individual household goods worth less than $600 are automatically exempt. So your clothes, dishes, family photos, most furniture, and other similar items are protected and you do not need to fear losing them.

For more detals on how exemptions work check my entry on exemptions

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