Santa Rosa Credit Card Debt Lawyer

Credit card debt is one of the most prominent causes of bankruptcy. These debts are typically paired with high interest rates, confusing contracts and predatory lending practices that mislead consumers and enter them into harmful levels of debt.

At the Law Offices of Thomas P. Kelly III, we help our clients overcome the burden of credit card debt by helping them file bankruptcy. I have worked with hundreds of individuals throughout the Sonoma County area giving them personal attention and detailed representation through every stage of the bankruptcy process.

I also use bankruptcy to achieve specific goals, such as stopping wage garnishments, defending against foreclosure or dealing with the expense of divorce


How Can Bankruptcy Help Me With Credit Card Debt?

When you file bankruptcy, your recent financial activity will be analyzed by the bankruptcy court. If you take out cash advances from your credit card shortly before filing bankruptcy, or try to pay off other debt by using your credit card, then this aspect of your bankruptcy may be considered fraudulent.

Why is this the case? Bankruptcy law is strict about preventing fraud, and even if you simply were trying to stay afloat when you made the decision to take out a cash advance from a credit card, that activity may be viewed as intent to defraud your credit card company.

Beyond these restrictions, Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy typically handle your credit card debt with ease. All debts in a bankruptcy are paid back in order of priority, and credit card debts are typically considered nonpriority debts. That means that in many instances, these debts are either discharged or reorganized into a repayment plan that works for you.

Every individual has a different level of income and a different debt burden to overcome. We are here to provide debt help and help you determine what legal path to take.

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